(now called AND for American National Discography)

Status Update!

SUBJECT: AVRL Status and Plans
FROM: Sam Brylawski (Library of Congress)
DATE: September 7, 2006

Officially, the AND project is no longer active. is working on a database discography model project for ARSC, which the National Recording Preservation Board is funding. On AND, once the programmer in Dayton dropped out, Bill and I took the project to a prospective funder but he didn't bite. We're hoping that Bill's database model and the work I now do for UC Santa Barbara might evolve into something, but they are separate projects now, both outside of AND.

FYI, I edit the Fagan/Moran Victor discography for UCSB. We're editing the data Ted Fagan compiled and Stanford had input overseas. It's been migrated from Stanford's Oracle application to Filemaker Pro. David Seubert, who directs the project, and I are beginning to think about extending our work to the Columbia family of labels. But our work along these lines is very tentative. It might have a connection to an LC project being discussed, but it's all very preliminary at this time.

We're projecting that our Victor data will be posted on UCSB's website in late 2007. That's about it for now.

All best, Sam

Please direct all concerns, comments, questions to


- Kurt Nauck

Imagine having instant access to a complete listing of every 78rpm and cylinder recording made in the United States! That's right, an entry for every vintage record issued domestically including label name, catalog number, matrix number, artist and selection. Now imagine having full-color illustrations representing each major label variety included as a bonus! Given the scope of this work, and the inestimable research value that it represents, what if I told you it would only cost a couple of hundred dollars?

Well, before you call the men in the white coats, listen to this. Through the incredible technology of CD-ROM, all of this information can be stored on just two CDs taking up no more space than a single Little Wonder! Through the efforts of a handful of dedicated collectors and archivists, this dream may be closer to reality than any of us would dare imagine. With the technical assistance of John Mucci, I am in the process of assembling a nation-wide team of collectors and researchers to make this dream a reality in the near future. Using the enormous data files compiled by Steve Abrams as a foundation for this project, additional discographic information being provided by Dick Spottswood, Ray Wile, Bill Korst, Allan Sutton and others has already yielded over half a million computerized entries! The following list of labels are either complete or currently in progress:

ARA, ARC Theater Records, Arto, Autograph, Banner, Bell, Berliner, Black Patti, Bluebird, Broadway, Brunswick, Cameo, Challenge, Champion, Clarion, Claxtonola, Columbia, Conqueror, Cosmo, Crown, Diva, Domino, Durium, Edison, Elite, Emerson, Federal, Gennett, Grey Gull, Harmony, Hit, Hit-of-the-Week, Jewel, Liberty Music Shop, Lincoln, Little Wonder, Madison, Majestic, Melotone, Montgomery Ward, Musicraft, National, National Music Lovers, New Phonic, Okeh, Oriole, Paramount, Perfect, PicturTone, Puritan, QRS, Radiex, Record Guild, Regal, Romeo, Royale, Signature, Silvertone, Starr, Superior, Supertone, Talking Book, Triangle, Van Dyke, Varsity, Velvetone, Victor, Vocalion, Voco, Vogue

Would you like to help us with this project? We need assistance in the following areas:

  1. Data Entry and Manipulation
    If you have access to a computer and the time to help, we can use your assistance with "cleaning up" database files to make them compatible. This might be as simple as re-entering artist names in a different format, or it may mean adding prefixes to matrix numbers. Another big area where we could use some help would be actual data entry. We would provide you with typewritten pages of information or actual record catalogs that would need to be keyed in to a database file. Neither of these jobs would require a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and you will probably be able to use whatever database software you currently own.

  2. Record Research
    If you have been working on a labelography of your own, we desperately want to talk to you! We are currently deficient in the following areas: post-WWII labels, vertical labels, pre-1915 labels (except Victor & Columbia), children's records, classical and operatic recordings, and any label not listed above. We are in need of literally hundreds of thousands of entries so any help would be greatly appreciated. If you have researched any of the labels listed above, you could be of great help by checking your research against what has already been done. If you have not heretofore worked on a label discography but would be interested in tackling one for this project, we would covet your help as well. If you have access to rare or unusual record catalogs, company recording ledgers and files or out-of-print discographies, we need to talk. If you have a large collection of rare labels or large quantities of records sorted by label and catalog number, please get in touch with me.

Due to the number of people working on this project (and our desire to price it within the budget of the average collector), it will not be possible to offer monetary renumeration to those who contribute their time and information. However, those that do contribute in a sizable way will receive a complimentary copy of the first edition once it is released (target is now the end of 1997). Furthermore, all assistance will be appropriately credited in the work itself. Though a project of this scope can never be complete, revised and expanded editions will be published as new information is gathered.

Future editions may contain categorized label pictures as well as complete session personnel! Serious collectors cannot do without this reference.

If you have always dreamed about being on the cutting edge of discographical research and technology, this is your best opportunity! If you wish to volunteer your time and/or resources, or if you would like to be notified when the Labelography becomes available, please contact me, Elwood McKee.

Status Update! (1997)

- Elwood McKee

1. Status

2. Plans

3. Immediate Priorities

Respectfully submitted,

Elwood McKee
for the AVRL Project Group.

November 6, 1997